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Head and home
1. ccTLD Domain
The domain name must represent your business or be associated with your service. Additionally, the local business must have a country-specific domain (ccTLD). For an Australian website, for example, is the best option.

CcTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) is one of the most powerful ways to show users and search engines where your business originated. It will help your website get a higher ranking in the search engine results pages.

2. The phone number
Mentioning a phone number is very important for local business websites. We also recommend adding the live chat functionality. The more communication options available to the customer, the better.

3. Logo
Logo is an important part of your branding online. The clearly designed elegant logo helps build confidence. Consider and put it in the upper left corner of your website as it is very visible.

4. Main menu / navigation bar
Your main navigation works as a map of your location. For local businesses, the main navigation should contain all the important pages of your website including the home page, services, products / blogs, and contact page.

Depending on your business, it might be appropriate to design a slightly different menu. But don't try to be so kind without a good reason; The main navigation objective is to allow the visitor to easily navigate the site. One of the main features of a good website is clear, simple and easy to use navigation bar.
انشاء مواقع

5. Title, logo or USP
Your website title should contain some important keywords that summarize your business topic. It is very important to have a good ranking in the search engines.

Your line of words represents your business creatively. Its goal is to attract visitor attention. It's hard to craft an ideal tagline because it needs to be smart and easy to understand as well.

6. Short publicity from the text
Your home page should contain a short section of ads describing your business and service. When people visit a website, they simply tend to browse through the page, so the content should be concise and direct.

7. Banner Image
Banner image is a visual way to communicate with site visitors. The image should give viewers an idea of ​​your business topic.

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